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    Photography - Alexander Bee

    Bicycle Series Africa & Middle East

    Alexander Bee was born in India and grew up in Honfleur, a coastal city of Normandy. With a degree in anthropology, and passionate about discovering different cultures he travelled across Asia and Africa.


    Portfolio – Alexander Bee (alexanderbeephoto.com)


    Since working for the United Nations agency for Migration in Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Djibouti, he developed a strong taste for documentary photography.


    Strongly humanitarian, his work Focuses on contemporary social issues.

    His work assignments have been an immersive approach to candid photography in which he captures the visual and narrative story of people around the world through real life scenes, captivating portraits and particular landscapes.


    ArtNouvélo is a big fan of his Bicycle Series in Africa and the Middle East.


    Contact – Alexander Bee (alexanderbeephoto.com)

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